I am with my wife on a mission in the great nation of Mexico, and I want to ask you to keep us in prayer.

This is our agenda:

July 23 and 24
We will participate in a large event at World Trade Center, where we will be with more than 1000 people from 15 nations.

 In this event we will make lobby conversations with the ministries interested in being part of GCN.


July 25
We will be sharing with one of the most influential churches in Mexico City.


July 26 and 27
GCN training with leaders from in the city of Toluca.


July 28
Teaching about THE GREAT HISTORY OF GOD to the Church "Hot Chocolate" (yes that is the name).


July 29
 Traveling to the City of Tampico.


July 30
Conference to more than 100 pastors about GCN and the Malaquías Club.


July 31
Teaching about THE GREAT HISTORY OF GOD to the Open Heavens Church.

August 1
Teaching about THE GREAT HISTORY OF GOD to the Emmaus Church.


August 2 and 3
We will minister in a youth camp.


August 4
Teaching about THE GREAT HISTORY OF GOD to the Monte Horeb Church.


August 5
We will return to Mexico City to meet with pastors who wish to become active with the Malaki Clubs.

 Thank you for your prayers and support.



     Before launching Malachi Kids Clubs across the 50 US states and 10 Canadian provinces, our desire is to partner with churches that want to try out our Church ~ Parent Partnership strategy and give valuable input that will help shape the future of children, youth, and family ministry in churches. 


     In 2018, Malachi Kids was field tested first in Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Portugal, Guatemala, Fiji, and several restricted countries. The acceptance and early success of this local church ministry platform for discipleship exceeded our expectations. Now it’s time to give North American churches the opportunity to participate. 


     Global Children’s Network’s founder and CEO, Dr Jack Eggar states, “Our core purpose is to help churches make next generation disciples through a dynamic partnership between the church and home with pastors and parents. At the center of this special relationship is God’s Big Story, a compelling approach to engaging children and youth through the creative telling of Bible stories”. Dr Eggar goes on to say, “We then commission the children and teens to go and tell God’s stories to their parents and friends”. 


     Churches can choose for themselves to utilize Malachi Kids on Sunday morning for Sunday School, children’s church, or during the week. It can also be used by families in small groups. Malachi Kids begins with 97 Bible stories with user friendly leaders guides and parents guides for the home and can easily synchronize with local school’s fall and spring schedules. 


     If your church family is interested in field testing and shaping this new ministry offering, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We count it an honor to have you work with us in further designing this outstanding ministry for the many kids and teens that need their parents involved in their spiritual development. 


Websites:    Main:                     Resource:

Email:          Jack Eggar -                                      Gary Minta - 

North America’s statistics are as follows:


  • North America includes: U.S.A., Canada, Bermuda, Greenland, and Saint Pierre/Miquelon. 

  • North America is the 4th most populous continent in the world. 

  • Based on the United Nations estimates, North America’s population is 365,401,159. 

  • The population of each country is US (329,093,110), Canada (37,278,811), Bermuda (60,833), Greenland (56,673), and Saint Pierre/Miquelon (6,375). 

  • North America’s population is equivalent to 4.75% of the total world population 

  • The median age in this region is 38.1 years.



  • Christianity is the largest religion in North America. 

  • As of 2016, the three largest religions in this region are: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. 

  • United States’ is comprised of over 75% Christianity, 2% Judaism, and about 1% Islam. Other religions form about 1% of the religious population in the US.  Nearly 23% of the religious population of the United States is made up of the non-religious. Though the general consensus is that the United States is 75% Christian, this includes all aspects of Christianity including cults, nominals, and over 500 self proclaimed messiahs. This is a catch all statistic that includes anyone who identifies with Jesus himself or Christianity in any way.  

  • Canada is comprised of 67% Christianity, 1% Judaism, and over 3% Islam. Other religions form almost 5% of the religious population of Canada. The country comprises 24% of its religious population as non-religious. 

References: Johnstone, Patrick. Biblica, The Future of the Global Church. Biblica, 2011.; Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009.; (Online). Available:,,,, www,, , .

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