Malachi Kid’s Club of Tanzania

March 2018

A Ministry of Global Children’s Network




Defining Scripture

Malachi 4 : 5-6 “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes. And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers,...”



1) a) b)


Summary Description of Program

Flexible – to meet unique needs of churches Location – church or any public setting

Day and Time – churches’ decision

Church / Parent Partnership – to activate parents in the home



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Summary Description of Program

Volunteers – to be trained and “certified”

Resources provided on line through association membership

Both training and program resources on line availability

Core curriculum – to be the Bible



Three Key Program Elements

Game Time God’s Big Story

Gathering Time



Game Time

Various game options to be provided for the purpose of fun.



God’s Big Story

1) Ministry Program 2) Curriculum




a) b) c)

God’s Big Story Ministry Program

Each believer in Jesus Christ is a bearer or messenger of God’s Big Story

History of mankind Fall of man

God’s plan for man’s redemption



1) a) b) c)

God’s Big Story Ministry Program

Chronological order of the Bible Volunteer leaders (Master Storytellers)

Children participation Youth as story guides




a) b)


God’s Big Story Curriculum

Bible – God’s Inspired and Inerrant Word

Chronological list of Bible events and stories From Genesis to Apostle Paul’s first missionary trip

97 Bible stories; with 72 from the Old Testament and 25 from the New Testament



Gathering Time

  1. 1)  Reinforce God’s Big Story

  2. 2)  Singing and Worship

  3. 3)  Achievement Recognition

  4. 4)  Story Commissioning

  5. 5)  Prayer



GCN’s Malachi Kids Club Unique Quality Components

  1. 1)  Pastors Are Champions

  2. 2)  The Church – Parent Partnership

  3. 3)  Master Story Tellers

  4. 4)  Telling God’s Big Story

  5. 5)  The Gospel Wheel Is In Every Story

  6. 6)  The Four Boxes Of Discipleship

  7. 7)  Global Ownership


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