Gary Minta and I estimate that for under 10K, a Malachi Kids ministry and movement can be launched in most any country. Please help us spread the word that GCN welcomes those who have providentially been led to reach out to people and churches in countries around the world. What makes our approach to international ministry unique is our commitment toward sustainability. Rather than continually funding organizational dependencies year after year with little hope that work will continue outside the constant infusion of dollars, GCN’s Malachi Kids gives church leaders everything they need to succeed without perpetual foreign intervention and control. I learned this way of thinking from Ted Hilton over ten years ago and have never deviated from it. 


TANZANIA - Our first ever Malachi Kids Leadership Training Conference is completed with 160 leaders trained and commissioned to return and start a Malachi Kids discipleship ministry in their respective churches. In one year these same leaders will meet again to complete the required training for certification as Malachi Kids Directors. At the same time we will plan to host another training conference for leaders from other churches. Our hope is to do annual training conferences year after year in a growing number of countries. As a matter of perspective, we estimate that the average group size in each church will be more than 50 children. By the end of 2018 there will be about 3,000 children and youth in Tanzania receiving intensive discipleship training in their churches and homes. Imagine multiplying this by the number of countries now open before us.


BURUNDI - Should we repeat in Burundi what just happened in Tanzania this year? Absolutely! When Paul mamba returns to the States next week he will most likely have the date in place for Burundi’s first Malachi Kids leadership training Conference. 


ECUADOR - Michael and Michelle Bowen are flying to Guayaquil, Ecuador to lead a family conference. While there they will introduce the work of Global Children’s Network and Malachi Kids. It will be our hope and plan to schedule with Ecuadorian pastors and ministry leaders a Malachi Kids Leadership Training Conference later in 2018. 


PORTUGAL - Aurora Artega de Rodriquez is GCN’s director for Portugal and Spain. She has been diligently working to prepare the soil among Portuguese church leaders in order for me to meet with them this coming June 10-17. Out of these meetings will come a plan my return to Portugal in late 2018 for a Malachi Kids Leadership Training Conference. Aurora will seek to draw in as many churches as she can during the course of this year. 


USA - Michelle Bowen and I are working on a plan to introduce Malachi Kids to a number of churches in the States this year. I am a big believer in testing new initiatives in order to prove their veracity and tweak programs and products. It is our goal to begin reaching out to churches with an American version of Malachi Kids by June of the year. By September 1, we will hopefully have a number of churches willing and ready to help test and strengthen our program for children and youth. 


This brings us to a total of five countries we plan to have an active presence in by the end of 2018. (Please not that I have purposefully not included Chi3a for security reasons and yes, the number 3 was deliberately placed in the word in order to keep certain personnel from picking this letter off the web) Here is a list of additional countries we are already planning to work with in the very near future:








ABC Islands (Caribbean)





One final note…


Though we believe the Lord will use Malachi Kids to do great and mighty things in the days ahead, we have not lost sight of the ongoing work of Global Children’s Network to connect churches around the globe digitally through the Internet where training and resources and much, much more will be made available to help them make next generation disciples. Enclosed you will find an attachment to help you better understand what makes GCN unique. 

Bless you!

Jack Eggar

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