Africa’s statistics are as follows:


  •  Africa is the world’s second largest and second most-populous continent.

  •  In 2016, its population was 1.2 billion people.

  •  This region accounts for about 16% of the world’s population.

  •  According to the United Nations, Africa is made up of 54 countries.

  •  The six most populous countries are:  Nigeria with almost 201 million, Ethiopia with about 110 million, Egypt with a little over 101 million, DR Congo with almost 87 million, Tanzania with close to 61 million, and South Africa with 58 million.

  •  There are four territories, which are Reunion, Western Sahara, Mayotte, and Saint Helena. These four regions have a populace of around 1.8 million.

  •  Even though languages such as French, Arabic, and English are spoken in Africa, this region has a very high linguistic diversity. There are an estimated 1500-2000 African languages. All African languages are considered official languages of the African Union.



  •  There are many diverse religions practiced in different parts of Africa including traditional religions, which exist within particular tribes in particular regions.  

  • The religion with the greatest population is Christianity. All affiliations of Christianity make up the 488,880,00 populace of believers.

  •  The second most populous religion is Islam, which has a population of 421,938,820.

  •  Ten percent of this region’s populace is comprised of traditional African religions.

  •  Worth mentioning are the other seven religions that round out the top ten religions-- Hinduism (3 million), Baha’i Faith (2 million), Atheism (594,000), Buddhists (258,000), Judaism (134,000), Chinese folk religions (133,000) and Jains (95,1000).

  •  Patrick Johnstone, author of ​The Future of the Global Church, ​spent years researching the progress of the Gospel around the world. In his studies, he identified Africa’s zone of religious conflict. He wrote, “Christians, of whom Evangelicals are a large component, dominate the South and Centre and the western coast. Muslims dominate the North and the eastern coast. The zone between, where these two groups overlap and interact, is where most African peoples live who still predominantly practice ethnic religions. It is this zone that the two religions clash--at times violently, sadly.” ​

Global Children’s Network Involvement:  

  • Exciting things are happening in Egypt. A ministry in Cairo, The King’s Daughters, have asked GCN to come and train their leaders in MKC. The founders, Medhat and Hoda Fahim, want to use MKC to enhance their discipleship work, which is currently used for the girls. Our hope is to conduct a training in Cairo this year for The King’s Daughters personnel, leaders, and volunteers.

  •  In progress also for Egypt is the training of our representative for this region, Ragee Abdelnour. He is an Egyptian student at Southwest Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.

  •  Paul Mamba already traveled to Kenya and has leaders in place for a major conference in Nairobi, Kenya. This may well be our largest MKC Leadership Training Conference in the world with hundreds of pastors and hundreds of church ministry volunteers coming for training.

  •  In Burundi, a small landlocked country in the African Great Lakes region, we have trained three Master trainers; in addition, we have 176 trained leaders. There are 45 churches with clubs that disciples 2,250 children.

  •  Ethiopia, a country in the northeastern portion of Africa, has eight Master trainers and 110 trained leaders. We have partnered with sixty churches, and we are in the process of tallying the number of children being discipled.

  •  The Democratic Republic of the Congo is located in central sub-Saharan Africa. GCN has collaborated with seven churches in this country, who are busy discipling 350 children in their clubs. Additionally, we have trained three Master trainers and have ten trained leaders.

  • In Tanzania, a country that borders Kenya and Uganda to the north, we were busy helping 74 churches organize their Malachi Kids Clubs, where 3,700 children are discipled. There are fifteen Master trainers and 172 trained leaders.

We are blazing forward in this region of the world. If you are seeking a way to fulfill God’s urging to help children to know HIm, to learn His ways and worship Him, please join us in this fulfilling and wonderful commission.


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