Global Children’s Network is set to train church leaders in Burundi the first week of July through our Malachi Kids ministry platform for local churches and homes. In order to prepare for ministry expansion into Uganda, Rwanda, and Malawi in 2019, we hope to be able to bring three pastors, one from each country, to Burundi. Each pastor will then be able to return home and begin preparations to promote and prepare for next year. As a result of this timely investment, thousands and thousands of children and youth will be involved in next generation discipleship in these respective countries before the end of 2019.


Please consider helping these church leaders: 


The names of the three people expected in the Bujumbura, Burundi event are:


1. Pastor Charles Ntakirutimana - Rwanda


2. Pastor Ndahayo Stephen - Uganda


3. Pastor Assumani Mbeke Didas - Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi.


GCN projects for Africa in 2018 include beginning Malachi Kids operations in four African countries, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia and Kenya.

In 2019, training events are scheduled for Rwanda, Uganda, and Malawi with a fourth training at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi. 


We believe it wise to invite these three Pastors to take part to our event in Burundi as a way for them to see, participate and share with others in all sessions and practices. This will familiarize them with the GCN vision and mission, with the Malachi Kid’s Ministry platform, ad enable them to go back to their respective countries and help us prepare the 2019 events.


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Jack Eggar 


Global Children’s Network

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