Groundwork has been laid for GCN to conduct Malachi Kids Leadership Training Conference in July, 2018.

Church leadership in Burundi has affirmed and welcomes GCN to Burundi.

GCN COO / CFO makes presentation and appeal for Burundi country project at church in Chicago area


We had a great turn out and wonderful feedback for the first day of the GCN conference for pastors.


God is good. 

We have 175 leaders trained from different churches.  They will go back to their respective churches and start Malachi Kids club.  Now practising Story telling, as they receive instructions from Paul Mamba.


Together with many blessings in Burundi, a variety of food was provided everyday and we got American taste as well.

Many are ready to take GCN - Malachi Kids back after conference.

Pray for them as your pray for us.



This is the first Malachi Kids club in Burundi at Kibenga Cibitoke. 

Photos during God's Big Story telling. 

Boys and girls for Jesus.

Train the Trainers

This is a second experience in Africa and we expect much since we are determined. 

Small group trained to take lead of zones subdivision in Burundi.