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A friendly meeting took place as two pastors and one of their legal representatives were coached on the best way to prepare a successful event after sharing with them about Mission and Vision of GCN.

The Burundi event is scheduled early July, 2018.

Partners are welcome to join us with this venture.

September 3, 2017

Thursday 8/24 - Conference Day Four; Our Last Day. 

I changed to a message I had put to the side but that, at this point, I knew was the right closing seminar presentation. Jack presented Modern Day Joseph and I did Ten Things Parents Should Know to Raise Spiritually Strong Children. The attendees so appreciate specifics of...

September 2, 2017

Wednesday 8/23

Conference Day Three! The girls (our interpreters), Jack and I were at it again at 7 am the next morning after what was, unfortunately, my worst night. Due to wedding feast overload and much celebration by parents who seemed to be somewhere else while their children ended up chasing, screaming, and running the...

September 1, 2017

Tuesday 8/22 -Conference Day Two!

We met Lucy and Emi at 7 each morning in the coffee shop that was to open at 7. It never did open on time, but we were ready when the doors opened and we ordered lattes for the four of us. Jack and Lucy worked at one table and Emi and I at another so we could go over notes. We were able to e...