Today we completed our second session of kids competition.  

Four girls reached the final step and were awarded but one was a regional leading clubber. 

Different prizes were handed. 

A special/main Award given to the leading one. A bible for each of the three.  Three counter books for each of the three. A ball pen and back pack to two of them. 

A t-shirt was given to the club Director whose kids won the Main award. 

Today was my last activity in Dar es salaam

Team, we all know that singing is one of the most attractive activities people experience. 

Here attached are three choirs:  1. Shalom Orphanage Center cause we never stop one to come to Jesus. 2. Creative ministry kids group. 3. Harvest church and Christian church.


What next???

We prove that our God is a faithful God and He loves us.

This is encouraging.

Kids from different churches were gathered to show their presentation.  

One preaching, while 1- 2 are telling God's Big story in a quiet and attractive way. 

Keep praying and let lift up each other. while speaking Kiswahili we can attrach people? we can wait until we have the reaponse.

I reached Dar es salaam safely though it was mid night on Tuesday. 

I had a previous meeting on Wednesday and now the master trainers sessions are scheduled and 12 leaders attending.


I appreciate your prayers.


Paul Mamba

We have more clubs established in Dar es salaam and Morogoro Tanzania. 


All for Jesus. 

Now leading prayer by laying hands upon our new master trainers, to impart the spirit of unity and hardworking, commitment and love.  Serving God will be our first priority.