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There are actually two websites for GCN, which are the "Main Site" and the "Resource Site".  When you click a menu item for content on the other site, switching sites occurs automatically.  A few seconds delay in switching is normal.  If the switch stalls, refresh your browser and try again, or return to the original site.

Please refer sustained technical issues to Ken at  Ken is the Website Developer for GCN.  

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Only the Resource Site has membership.  The Main Site is the front door site for anyone, but the Resource Site does have special content for members, and membership credentials are required for that content.  The Resource Site also contains news and other public content.

If you have questions about membership not answered on the websites, please contact Ken at

Social Media:

Global Children's Network is on Facebook -  two pages exist so far (English and Portuguese).  We are opening up Instagram and other social media channels.  Links can be seen on both websites in the Footer area and/or via main menu links.  


The Main Site has easy donation links.  GCN currently has a matching gift offer in place, but we need your help in base donations to use the matching gift.  GCN is able to multiply the impact of dollars in our worldwide outreach through local volunteers and paid staff, and the self-multiplication nature of our programs.  The opportunities are tremendous. So is our need for even small donations.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions, so we can assure you of our outreach effectiveness and careful use of every dollar we receive.

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